Are you struggling to read the Word sustainably because of these?

  • Distractions

  • Do not understand

  • Where & how to start

  • Afraid of commitment

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Lasting transformation comes from a sustainable
intimate relationship
with the Word.

So, what are you doing about this

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Hi my name is Charles

i coach believers to read, meditate & live out the Word, sustainably, without feeling distracted, lost or even guilty of not doing them, even if they think they have no time.

Let's begin

How much do you want God in your life ?

God is for everyone
But are you for God ?

How much do you give yourself to God ?

Begin this new year
with a goal for
Prosperity & Success

The Mindset

i do not read the Bible religiously
for the sake of reading, but for a deeper & richer relationship with God. And in the process,
i am being
transformed & empowered
to overcome, conquer and reclaim the lost territories that were once belonged to me.

My spirit is willing, besides my soul, …

I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified.

1 Corinthians 9:27

An Overview Plan

  • Challenge

  • Reader

  • Meditator

  • Transformer


Upon successful completion of Challenge, sign up for a complete journey. Bonus/ additional values await. Besides, opportunities to partner, co-create with RiVERS to serve others, we are actively & continuously improving our missions to meet the purpose & vision of this outreach, so that, together, with God & the community, we can effectively support you in your journey with Him, without feeling like a neglected orphan.

Frequently Asked Questions

RiVERS(John 7:38) is a conglomerate of God plans(Jer 29:11) of Charles, the founder of RiVERS. One of these plans is to be a coach. 

This outreach is the platform where Charles coaches people, who are excited about the potential of what God’s Word can do, to establish  a sustainable personal relationship with the Word.

Charles will introduce more about himself when you join any of his live events.

Of course, you may. To start your free 3-day trial, sign up for the Challenge. You can cancel at any time during the 3-day trial period without being charged, by emailing to

Good question. RiVERS will direct, introduce & present to those who have successfully completed the Challenge, to our structured & wholesome premium offers that have been carefully designed & improved through iteration as a result from our own accumulated life changing encounters/ insights from God, & experience dealing with getting people to establish an unshakable personal relationship with the Word. We have been encouraging people to read the Word since 2016.

They are warmly encouraged & welcome to sign up for the next challenge again, which will be held regularly through out the year.

However, it will be a 7-day challenge instead of 3-day challenge. We will be helping them, if we can, hold their hands, to ensure they make it, UNINTERRUPTEDLY, to join our premium offer.

…When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required. Luke 12:48 NLT

i n t r o d u c i n g


version 3.0


  • Multiple functions.
  • Unlimited S.O.A.P. entries; stored in the cloud.
  • Default : NLT & CCB. Others : available.
  • ZERO installation & super fast response.
  • Group reading customisation capability
  • Little usage of gadget’s memory.
  • View, edit & share history, online & offline.
  • Only 1 chapter a day bite-sized reading plan.
  • Free upgrade
  • Community support.
  • EXPERIENCE. Web app development & improvements since 8th Aug 2017, based on feedback from discipling more than 150 like-minded users for the 1st 4 years.
  • FOCUS. Comprehensive, intuitive, systematic to facilitate transformation through a personal relationship with the Word.
  • DiSCOVERiES, a Weekly Devotional Article written by the founder of YFBRC.
  • T-CLASS, a Weekly Expository Group Bible Study conducted by the founder of YFBRC.


More than 6 years of continuous improving & systematizing the way we operate this outreach to motivate people to experience the Word in an unprecedented way.


With bite-sized approach, we lead and teach you to discover the Word yourself. A safe place for the community, therefore, a conducive environment for learning and sharing the Word of God.


A transformed mind through a relationship with the Word keeps this  outreach going since 2016.

TESTIMONIALS community members


– One Chapter A Day –

Start date & time will be notified
on 2nd week of January 2023
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 Your Friendly Bible Reading Coach
changing the way people read the Bible 
– Since 1st October 2016 –

We are giving more values to ...

whoever love God, seek His Kingdom & righteousness 1st. Prosperity & success SHOULD NEITHER BE THE IDOLISED DESTINATION, nor be their final goal, but merely by-products of an overflowing & rich personal relationship with the Word.


We are looking for willing hearts,

who believe that they have reasons to be alive & they are more than who they are. Others are searching for them for their God-given talents. With hope, they may quickly realise, arise & start serving & thriving. If this is you, we want you.


We are looking for caring people,

who also have tasted & valued God's work in Rivers. Selflessly, they want others to experience the joy of being in God's Kingdom. Their compassion for souls drives them to exercise generosity & sponsor as many genuine people as possible.