Hi Blessed Morning.

Sharing something what God has impressed upon my heart.

God cannot force you to do things against your will. However, He allows situations to come your way. So that you may be enlightened to know how weak you are without Him. He prepares a process of transformation waiting for your response, and waits for you to jump into the flow, and convert this awareness into His glory.


If your relationship with the Word is intimate, you will be able to hear His voice, prompting your steps, establishing your thoughts, just as He said you would recognise Him, “My sheep hears my voice.”


So much treasures buried beneath the biblical words that you and i read. Step up your journey with Him. Stop scratching the surface, start digging. Your next step in life can be inspired by the nuggets of truth you discover. Reason why treasures are buried is simple. It is a test of your heart, a display of your innermost intention, subsequently, a mean or indication that God judges us.

Can an answer be an answer if there is no question? Asking the right question is a form of digging.( Ask me about Transformation-Class) The Holy Spirit teaches and reminds you the Way, the Truth and the Life. He helps you make sense of spiritual wisdom.

We need one another to function effectively as a body of Christ. Thanks for attending the online meeting. If you have attended, with God’s permission, you will be receiving inner circle access such as YFBRC early access to new features & event invites.

IF YFBRC has helped you, in anyway, do not keep this to yourself. Ask God to show you who will benefit from the work of YFBRC, and invite them. Time is short as mentioned in Psalm 90:12 and Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.

Take action as God would want you to …after this full stop.