d i s c o n n e c t i o n

Deep within every human,
lays a deep longing… to relate.
Has the Truth been suppressed ?
Do they know what they are missing ?

Are they oblivious to this Truth?
Perhaps, too busy,
being distracted & misguided?
Or, the broad ways are way too tempting?

Waves of unbelief & timidity,
pound & erode the shoreline.
Yet communication bridges,
& reciprocity sustains.

A desire to know,
& to be known.
A desire to encourage,
& to be encouraged.

A desire to care,
& to be cared.
A desire to understand,
& to be understood.

A desire to acknowledge,
& to be acknowledged.
A desire to love,
& to be loved.

Husband-wife, parents-children,
employer-employees, seller-customers,
King-citizens, man-God.
God alike, reciprocity can be seen.

None of these are tangible,
yet all of them are,
life-giving & life-changing,
Food for a long lasting relationship.

Dad, mom, can’t you see…(the disconnect)?
Fatherly & motherly presence, i treasure,
not this… worldly & short-lived gifts.
Incapable of quenching my longing.

Love, can’t you see…(the disconnect)?
Your support & understanding, i yearn.
Do flowers & diamonds,
connect us & prepare us for eternity ?

Some, still think gifts are
the answers, substitutes,
to mend & appease
broken relationships.

Gifts of peace offering,
token of appreciation,
inadequate to define companionship.
Material outflows ain’t equal personal relationship.

How  far off & misunderstood,
how disconnected & deceived,
how corrupted are we about our identity differs
from our original Designer’s specification?

Everything has its process.
Yet many follow the broad way,
skipping being present, doing what seems right,
choosing the optional gifts.

Remember king Saul,
assumption with selfish agenda killed him.
“What is it that pleases You, God?”
Disconnected understandings breed surprises & deaths.

Righteous relationship begins with SEEKING,
being fully & intimately present with God 1st.
ONLY in this order, ALL niches are found & prospered.
What flows in the branch must comes from the Vine.

Communion & fellowship,
are God’s love language of sharing,
intimate thoughts, feeling & secrets.
ONE THING that Mary & psalmist knew & discovered.

Even serving & obedience submit,
to this divine hierarchy.
Trust God for His process.
Have we been putting the cart before the horse?

Do you give a poor & hungry person a house …or food 1st?
Sometimes, not even kindness, but your understanding.
A righteous relationship with God,
the mother of all relationships.

–  Charles KW TAN –

Dear God,

The Bridegroom says, “I NEVER KNEW YOU.”
Paul mentioned renewing of the mind.
Addressing disconnection, IS SALVATION,
the gravest eternal concern man has ever faced.
Help us all God, to understand & prosper in our relationship
with the gospel of the Kingdom,
so that, we may stay connected to Your throne room.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

(Nothing is removed, but i am getting new revelations about this topic EVERY TIME i visit it. More revisions or overflowing new articles is a definite YES. i know because He has done this many times. And those who have been following this outreach, are my witnesses. My confidence rest in Him.)

Since 2016, a work-in-progress has found a solution to stay connected to God, SUSTAINABLY. A righteous relationship with God starts from SEEKING Him through a relationship with the Word. If you are interested & do not know how, join me, so that you AND i can learn together. i will coach, teach & guide you to embark on your own journey with Him, the way it pleases Him.

ONE condition, you have to trust God for the process.