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i will coach you on anything that stops you from moving forward, taking your next step/ level, achieving your goal, or becoming a better version of your true self.

Are you looking for clarity
to move forward ?


What is inside a coach's heart ?

i see all my clients as the experts of their lives, relatively, to others. Naturally, my clients are






Standing on this foundation, my responsibility is to help them to rediscover these dormant self, to :

  • clarify, and align with what my client wants to achieve

  • encourage my client self-discovery

  • hold my client responsible and accountable

  • show support, empathy and concern for my client

  • celebrates my client’s progress and successes




The world needs encouragement.

Find a relationship that empowers you to be transformed effectively from inside out.

You are wonderfully made for a purpose. Your past does not define who you are, and i am here to help you in your journey of discovery,
and transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Coaching works from inside out rather than outside in, meaning coaching is about drawing out the potentiality of a client, through coaching skills, to provide his/her own solution, rather than giving information to client so that a solution can be worked out.

A coach, works as a collaborative partner with a client in a non-directive exploration, as in contrast to directive manner from subject experts, as consultant, mentor, counsellor, or advisor.

Coaches are separate entity with no affiliation or, personal investment in a client’s undertaking. Coaches will exercise active listening in gap between client’s current baseline and where the client is going.

Those powerful question skilfully asked by coaches are meant for the clients to listen to their hearts & minds, their core values speak. Coaches then challenge the client to move, non-directively, proactively forward and towards their clarified vision.

Similar to consultants, Counsellors and therapists are subject experts. E.g., healthy communication, good parenting, effective social skills, mental/emotional & spiritual health, and the like. They are skilled in diagnosing and treating mental issues.

Coaching is about stability and growth rather than dysfunction and healing. Whereas psychotherapy & counselling are primarily about the past and present, coaching is primarily about the future.

A client who is going through recovery from earlier psychological wound is not yet ready for coaching and should be referred to a therapist. Underlying issues need to be addressed before they can effectively pursue greater thing in life.

Coaching is non-directive, non-advisory, non-instructional. It is inquisitive, exploratory, and genuinely curious.

Client’s future, life path core values are, their sense of life purpose or calling, their unique gifting, their passions, etc.

Coaching is that the answers they seek are to be found within themselves.

SSM BizTrust is a standard that can be obtained by online business entities via SSM, which certifies that the entity has complied with the characteristics of the trust principles and criteria that has been established including business registration, online security and protection of information.

The Companies Commission of Malaysia (Malay: Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia, abbreviated SSM), is a statutory body formed under an Act of Parliament that regulates corporate and business affairs in Malaysia.

To know if coaching relationship is a good fit for you, please answer these questions before meeting the coach. Thanks.

  1. What is the one sentence summary of the problem you are facing ?
  2. What do you really want from the coaching engagement ?
  3. What do you want to avoid in the coaching engagement ?
  4. How do you know if the coaching engagement is working/ successful ?

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