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your journey with Him





A non-denominational online outreach, provides FREE & PAID coaching and discipling services for group and individual  entities, to form sustainable Bible reading habit. We believe a relationship with the Word has the power to transform minds. As a community, we read and live out the Word together.

Dear God,

is there anyone out there who is friendly, non condemning, and non fault finding ?

Someone who inspires, motivates and keeps me on my toes about my Bible reading.

Someone who coaches me also in my relationship with You.​


How can I ever finish reading Your Word ?


Where are You, God ?
i need You now more than ever.
How would reading Your Word
help me get through
this difficult time?



Your journey with Him

– established in 2016 –


Important Note

Assessment will be done prior admission. Your accountability is YFBRC monitored communication with you. YFBRC will automatically stop your access if we do not hear from you despite our continual encouragements. This journey is a long haul. It is about forming a habit. CONSISTENCY is key. We would like you to stay with us as long as we exist. Success is about persistently seeking first the Kingdom of God, then everything, including greatness will fall into place.

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

– Dwayne Johnson

(“The Rock,” the wrestler-turned-actor.)



A JOURNEY with God comes with a human coach. i will help you to form a sustainable Bible reading habit, remind, encourage and much more. Discover my simple and affordable plan plus other great stuff you will enjoy when you sign up as a member of YFBRC.



To enjoy privileges as a responsible reader of this community

Every journey starts on the 1st and 16th of every month.



under construction


Hi my name is
Charles KW Tan.
Either me or my team of coaches will be delighted to be your personal coach for this journey of transformation.

Co-founder of YFBRC


Give you confidence and clarity in sharing the good news.


Make Word of God becomes flesh for your heart and mind. Live it out!


Be Christ-minded; think like God. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.


Discover and know your purpose in life.


Build strong relationship with the Word.

Christ-centered process

With God, you can ! You need not be ashamed again for not being able to complete reading your Bible. Being ashamed is a God-given signal to response/ take action, biblically; not to harm you, unless you allow it to go to the extreme.

YFBRC, an accountability dependent system, provides a framework in a virtual environment to help you to cultivate a disciplined, and intentional reading and learning habit with deep understanding of the Word.

YOU take full responsibility of your own action. It is your desire, to commit yourself as a reader to complete reading the whole Bible.

HOLY SPIRIT is the 3rd person in this coaching relationship. YFRBC encourages readers to give E.A.R. to the Holy Spirit, besides co-create a safe and trustworthy relationship between you and i, as coach and coachee. E.A.R. means

  • ENGAGE the Helper for understanding and revelation through observation.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE the Holy Spirit by calling Him out in prayer.
  • RESPOND, do not sit on the prompting/ conviction by the Helper.

You are harnessing the power of these relationships and the presence of coaching to make things happen in your life ! It is up to you to recognise and use it for your benefit.

RM 0 Per Day

RM 0

Per month

RM 1 Per Day

RM 30

Per month

RM 2 Per Day

RM 60

Per month


RM 90

Per month

Ready to Register, or Have Questions?

i encourage you to speak with me to begin your registration, or to answer any questions you may have!

Ask Me Questions
Testimonials from some of the most consistent community readers.

FAQs (*Rev.5th August 2020)

* Individuals * New believers(immediately) * Sunday Schools * Uniform groups * Cell groups * Mission Team * Discipleship class * Young adult * Worship Team * Welcoming Team * Pastoral Team * Congregations from different services. * And other ministries

  1. Start with ...
    • Recommendation from a friend/ relative.
    • You come across YFBRC' articles.
  2. Fill out the SIGN UP form.
  3. Choose a plan.
  4. Register for access.
  5. YFBRC will contact you through WhatsApp with a welcoming note and instructions.
  6. Follow the instructions, ALWAYS feel free to  ask, without any hesitation, if you need any help.

An interested entity can hire YFBRC as a service provider, as an extended arm of the Christian organisation. Akin hiring an extra one staff(or a team for big group) of the entity to focus or ensuring the body of Christ is spiritually fed, regularly, on their own desire. And not spoon fed. Reading plan can be customised to the organisation's recommendation on seasonal topics, Bible versions, languages and etc.(However, YFBRC strongly  recommends YFBRC own arranged reading plan).

1. Copy the following and paste it on your messaging app...

Hi there, have you ever finished reading a Bible ? i have found a website which provides a friendly and personal coach who encourages, and disciples you on how to complete reading the Word, and much more. You just have to check this out ! Here is the website : https://www.charleskwtan.com/friendlycoachyfbrc

2. Click on the social media icon of your choice at the beginning page of this website, and share this website with your friends or relatives.

God shows me many things when i read His Word. My unselfish intention is to tell the world.But God is saying, otherwise.(Read on. Once again, the upside world of God reveals). You will understand from my conversation with Him.

"How i wish i can tell these things You teach me to the rest of people i know and do not know," i dreamed.

"They have to look for it, just as the disciples eagerly willing to let Jesus into the boat during the storm. Stop pampering them with secrets that they are not looking for. If they are interested, they will know what to do. Many have taken Me for granted. i want them to journey with Me*, like you do, Charles. The impact will not be deep if you just spoon feed them with food belongs to you." God in His infinite wisdom revealed.

"Can you stop being  anxious of nothing, Charles ? i have asked reader E to remind you with Phi 4:6-7. Have peace to implement the membership site." God gently rebuked me.

*God is a personal God. He wants you all to Himself.

I AM the Lord your God... Exo 20:2

(Knowing His characters is important for your relationship with Him)

Nowadays, knowledge is in abundance. It can be acquired everywhere from the virtual world. In YFBRC, you are paying for filtered, targeted, personalised revelation/ knowledge + guidance + human presence; nevertheless, FREE plan is given.

Next, we do not want money to be an obstacle for YFBRC to grow and break new barriers.

Money is an amazing tool to extend the kingdom of God, if it is used according to God's will without selfish manipulation, without distorting its Godly and original intent.

His Word did not say money is the root of evil, BUT the love of money is.

For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows. 1 Timothy 6:10 (NLT)

So that you know where the charges go, YFBRC uses what you pay to pay for hosting this website, permission to retain this domain name, months of past and future crazy man hours of creating, developing, upgrading and maintaining this site, which YFBRC have been self-supporting for the last 4 years. YFBRC has an urgent mission to accomplish. Besides, with no fixed financial support, i am trusting God to take care of my family's needs while focus on executing His mission.

As it is urgent, your financial support will help me to speed up the materialisation of future plans closer, to pioneer new territories and to go to the ends of the earth or the uttermost parts of the world, with another tool called, technology. A destined combination of these tools and the right people who practices Godly culture, the work of God is unstoppable ! (If God permits, there may be future paid positions to be filled in this outreach. Would not it be great to earn and live out God's plan at the same time ? BIBLE PROJECT  is one great example to emulate that provide such employment).

Besides, based on experience working with considerate clients from other projects, i found that client will not want to trouble me for extra things for free, or sound demanding. They would rather pay and get the service.

YFBRC look ahead and move forward in serving the existing community and new members, more effectively, by raising the standard of this outreach, both spiritually and technologically.

For 4 years(2016-2020), by faith, it has been self supportive. Financially, i depend on God's provision through my projects, not to forget my wife's help.

Readers know themselves better than any one else, YFBRC can only propose 4 different options. A reader can choose one that fits them. Therefore, based on the plans; 1 plan is free and the other 3 plans are chargeable. The subscription price is charged per month per person, paid through internet banking. If it is not FREE plan, discounted corporate rate will be offerred to group coaching.

Many of the work have been done free of charge, e.g., as of current technology, despite its earlier prepared backbones, it takes me more than 30 minutes to prepare each web app, even if it is for 1 new member, regardless if it is a FREE or paid plan, as i take comfort and believe readers will use during their journey with God. i hope readers will not take it for granted but use it to  keep their footprint in a safe place for many years to come. And as LEGACY  that can later be passed on to beneficiaries.

We may pray, quote and talk the Christian lingo and do the Christians things, but have Christians even ask themselves what is God's will ? Christians cannot begin to understand the will of God, unless they read, understand, response obediently by being and doing the Word of God. If you can resonate with this belief that ingrained in the mindset of YFBRC, you will understand the need for this service.

i am a born again Christian, with a story to tell, and a passion to impact the world.

i am on a mission to promote Christ-likeness/ transformation through a relationship with the Word. 

Short version ...consider my
BEING : belief(vision, goal, mission), values, experience, credential
DOING : building website, creating, developing processes, establishing communities, harnessing of passion, integrating technologies.

CAUTION : My being and doing are not meant to compare with anyone, do not fall into the trap of the master of diversion. They are meant to do the will of God, get the job done and meet the vision, goal and mission. They are meant to inspire you and glorify God. If a wretched being like me can, you can. You are equally unique and special as i  am in the eyes of God. You and i can do things beyond even our imagination, all for the glory of God - Ephesians 3:20


Despite this verse,
Dear brothers and sisters, not many of you should become teachers in the church, for we who teach will be judged more strictly.
James 3:1 NLT,

Our teachers and i understand clearly that all teachers of the Word
will be judged differently than others. Though, humanly, we may be risking our lives to punishment for wrong teaching, our conscience is clear. We trust in God the Holy Spirit abundant guidance and leading. We just need to be obedient.


You must not take YFBRC words and deeds as Gospel truth, you must be like the Bereans. Not only in YFBRC, but also take this same Berean spirit with you everywhere you go.

And the people of Berea were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, and they listened eagerly to Paul’s message. They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth.
Acts 17:11 NLT

Therefore, reading the Word on your own and engaging the Holy Spirit as your Teacher are KEY to having the right spiritual diet. Human beings are fallible, James 3:2, meaning capable of making mistakes or being wrong (Google dictionary), myself, pastors and Christians leaders are not exceptional, but the Word of God is infallible. Hebrew 6:18, Proverbs 30:5, Psalm 18:30.

One more thing, no one is indispensable. Without YFBRC, God can still use others to meet His unstoppable plans in these LAST DAYS.

No, i am not a pastor. i am a guy with a passion for the Word and mission to help Christians gain access to eternal life. Yes, it is disturbing. Not all Christians will go to heaven based on the parable of the 10 bridesmaids as illustrated by Jesus Christ.

Oh yes, i find this question, "Which church do you go to?" divisive, but people have valid reason for fear of cult origin. Therefore, i am from the world's largest Pentecostal denomination.

Next, not all, but for those who trust credential, i am a trained coach in the essentials of leadership coaching from an ICF(International Coaching Federation) accredited Christian coaching institute from the United States. No, they do not teach me about Bible reading coaching, but general life coaching. i am applying coaching techniques for God's work.

Click on ABOUT  to learn more about me.

You may support me by engaging or recommending my products and services to friends and relatives, if you wish, experience our relationship 1st. Stay tuned for my upcoming products and services. Feel free to ask questions regarding these products and services.


YFBRC is going through the most major improvement ever since inception. YFBRC 2.0 was officially launched on 28th June 2020. There will be changes in the coming days, weeks and months, to help and serve the community even better. i will be launching and rolling out other products and services from my company, charleskwtan enterprise.

i can only know what to improve based on my interaction with the user interface of this website or anything about my products and services, as there are, perhaps, other scenarios i may not be aware, this is where users' feedback is welcome.

Constructive feedback is ALWAYS welcome. It is YFBRC culture of continuous improvement. Please do not hesitate to ask directly for help. i am here for you, readers. 😊 (i am accountable to God on how this outreach is run😅 that is how serious i treat this outreach).

The success of this ambitious attempt cannot be possible without the constructive feedback of members from this community or perhaps others. Therefore, every time you submit a feedback form, it will go straight into my  inbox. i will review feedback and make the necessary changes, if God permits.

i would like to take this opportunity to thank the contributors, in advance, for your selfless, generous and valuable comments & ideas for improvements; all for the benefits of this community and glory to God.

i thank God for direction to move, encouragement to persevere, inspiration to create and wisdom to apply. Without Him, i am nothing. i owe the continuity of YFBRC to God and people whom He has brought before my path since Sept 2016.

To the community,

A HEARTFELT THANK YOU for trusting me,
A HEARTFELT THANK YOU for trusting the process,
A HEARTFELT THANK YOU for allowing me to live out as an instrument of God’s purpose to serve you.

Some church friends, and many "strangers from Berean" and many who understand the Good Shepherd illustration by Jesus Christ, for being wise and not gullible and for believing with me in this work that God has initiated in me. Thank you for accepting me as your friend, and i hope you have benefited from our friendship. Members, partners and teachers/watchmen, thank you for your encouragement, it drives me to work harder. 

Your consistency and perseverance in reading are noteworthy.
Your achievement deserves celebration. 

i would also like to thank my wife, for her amazing ability to tolerate my extreme-focused-me for sitting at the same place working on this and other projects for months. She has been amazingly resilient to move on with life whenever hit by storms of life. She has helped me to take care of many things and the kids in the house while i soak myself in works. She has also helped me to vet through some of my works. Thankful to have her as my soulmate.

Last but not the least, let’s keep it going, keep on inviting, our journey is far from finish, for God has plenty in store to reveal, to teach and to transform you through a deep relationship with Him.

Charles KW Tan

(co-founder of YFBRC)

Yes, of course, you may, even though YFBRC promotes reading habit. Habit means doing a consistent activity.

Just to make sure you have come to the right place.

What is your #1 reason for joining YFBRC?

No, though highly recommended.
The basic thing is about accountability. You need to provide evidence of your reading to your coach. Examples of evidences are,

  1. a verse chosen, copied and pasted under SCRIPTURE
  2. checking the no-verse check box.

No, please do not do that for the sake of accountability. A verse that you choose is personal and sacred. If there is no verse, just check the no verse check box provided.

In short, S.O.A.P. is a self reflection journaling process with reference to God's Word. It is a comprehensive approach to the 3 parts that make up human being. The body to write, soul to understand and spirit to feed on the Word. Learning & training will be more effective when you involve all 3 parts. Likewise, if you use all 5 senses, you will get lasting learning experience. As for me, my S.O.A.P. is writing articles.

We do not learn through experience, we learn by reflecting on experiences.

Can you stop eating food?

But Jesus told him, “No! The Scriptures say, ‘People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4:4 (NLT)

Unless there is a compelling reason, you can turn your reading to snooze mode until further notice.

We need to set boundaries, so to instill discipline and keep the well being of this community intact. Therefore, 🚩red flag is raised by the coach when reader has stopped reading for a long period of time. This may affect reader's membership if readers are not responsive to the messages from the coach.



an online interactive training with

Revision : 9th Feb 2021


  • If you pay attention to the mind of God, the potential impact of its application and knowledge, are unparallel. You are tapping into the mindset of God, His attitudes, His approach, His way of how He sees and responds to situations. The mind of God is embedded in the PCB (Printed Christian Book) manual called, Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. Our soul-ish intelligence has no match to this divine revelation.
  • The mind of God has been made simple to understand, simply, the result of fulfilling 2 conditions:
      1. Being in the right standing/ intimate relationship with God
      2. Being helped by the Helper.
  • TRANSFORMATION is an online and Holy Spirit inspired training class started during year 2020 C-19 pandemic lockdown; a G5020 phenomenon.
  • Gospel according to John.
  • i will share with you the answer to some of the  P.R.I.M.E. questions.
  1. Can we judge people, verse ?
  2. Where is the Holy Place to worship the Father, verse ?
  3. Is everyone a child of God ?
  4. Being God, Jesus can do anything He sees fit, verse. TRUE/ FALSE ?
  5. and many burning questions you may want to know.
  • i will teach you
    1. how to read your Bible,
    2. how to look for keywords,
    3. what to look for,
    4. why it was said and done in a certain way.
    5. some biblical background information.
    6. the characteristic of God
    7. how does God think?
  • i will share with you revelations that God showed me.
  • Indicate to you those coaching questions from Jesus Christ.
  • i will interact with you during other days of the week.

Practical, actionable and doable things you can start being and doing.

  1. See the Bible from a renewed and transformed mindset.
  2. Read the Word daily.
  3. Be accountable and intentional of your every action or inaction.
  4. Improve personal relationship/ journey with God; true Christ follower.
  5. With God permission, you will be able to identify a relevant verse for a situation, therefore, discern how God would want you to respond.





  • PRE-REQUISITE: This training is exclusively tailored ONLY for members of YFBRC who have gone through at least 2 months of daily reading of the Word with us, @  a rate of 1 CHAPTER A DAY.
  • Having received so many signups in the past, almost, 4 years, PRE-REQUISTE is an important self-assessment to gauge how serious you are in having a relationship with the Word. It will help you to appreciate the Word better, and allow me to focus my attention more on readers who recognise the enormous potential and high priority of forming a deep relationship with the Word.
  • If you are interested in this course, but have not read the Word with us, you are encouraged to start signing up as a member of YFBRC, and start reading with us as soon as possible. 


DAY: Mondays (open)
TIME: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

DAY: Tuesdays (open)
TIME: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

DAY: Wednesdays (open)
TIME: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

DAY: Thursdays (open)
TIME: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

DAY: Fridays (closed)
TIME: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
START DATE: Not available

To maintain full attendance for the whole course, participants will be invited to join other class without extra charge. In fact, participants can attend other classes at the approval and discretion of YFBRC, without extra charge.


  • ONLY RM 30 per month for 1-hour session per person. Please read Is T class free ? FAQ for free session.
  • Preferred payment method: Direct bank transfer / Online transfer ONLY.

Scroll down to pay.

Yes, of course, you may. However, maximum headcount will be limited to 7 persons per class.

Yes, very interactive. It is through interaction, your spirit grows. In fact, knowing how Jesus thinks from the Word, Jesus wants your participation & involvement in T-class. Perhaps, you have no idea how personal He is. Join T class, and we will show you.

  1. New participants must read the Word and submit S.O.A.P. daily for 2 months before joining T class; necessary for attaining digital certificate of excellence. A test for participants' commitment and dedication to have a sustainable  relationship with the Word.
  2. This class is preparing and training participants to conduct their own future class. Participant must agree and commit to conduct future class in their own circles/ country upon passing YFBRC assessment and achieving certain level of attendance. YFBRC is committed to the Great Commission, we hope that participants will be, likewise.

English is the medium used for this class.

Chinese as a medium will be used, when we have a YFBRC accredited T-class participant. 

Vacancy for readers who are fluent in Chinese. Please contact 6012 412 0237. Thanks.



PWYC. Click link for further information.


Ignore this if you are not paying. Please read previous FAQ before this.

  1. Touch & Go/ Internet banking (Malaysian)
  2. Paypal (Foreigner)

Monthly payment.

Once we have 7 people for each class, class will begin and continue regularly on the same weekday & time. Full attendance is necessary for receiving digital certificate of excellence. YFBRC will keep you informed through WhatsApp.

Gospel according to John.

1 hour, excluding additional outside class supplementary discussion, occasionally, extra material will be provided for reinforcing lesson learnt.

The class will be reviewed and God willing, continue to other books. 



Important Note

These classes will only start when there is enough quorum. Nevertheless, it is subjected to the discretion of YFBRC.

What others say about T-class ...

I did not really know how to study God’s word. Read the Bible, yes, but study, was difficult for me. In T Class, we do a very detailed verse by verse study of God’s word. Lead by our great Teacher, the Holy Spirit and Bro Charles, who provoke our thinking by asking questions. i also learn from the sharing from others. The Holy Spirit leads, guides and gives me an in-depth understanding of God’s word.

We also learned through videos and Hebrew word study. I learned a lot from the class and the weekly takeaways (AHA moments) which place emphasis on lessons learned.

So I want to thank Bro Charles who sacrifices his precious time weekly and being so passionate about God’s word, as he guides us through the studying of God’s word.

Thank you.

Tan Lai Kim 

( A reader of jOURney since 2017; A student of T CLASS since 27th April 2020 )

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