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  • Plywood, coconut coir/peat
  • Fasteners, wires and many are being listed.
  • Delivery charge @ RM5 (Penang). Others different postage.


Frequently Asked Questions

In view of the economy impact caused by the  pandemic, we would like to help you to earn with the knowledge and talents we have & you have to co-create a win-win & thriving virtual marketplace. A safe place to be transparent with each other as we grow our businesses.

We harness the passion, talents & the available technology to promote co-creation & collaboration of work with sellers. As we connect people to meet the needs of buyers. Talk to us for detail.

Any race, gender, age, introverts, extroverts, people who think they can help & serve others with their talents, and earn in the process.

Currently, courses, coaching, physical products, accommodation are listed. All items have to go through our board of approval before being listed, in order to maintain the standard & quality of items sold. We want to protect the interests of our buyers, sellers and Rivers. 

We also have a section for good quality 2nd hand goods.

More categories will be added. If it is not here, let us know what you are searching by messaging us. Thanks !

People needs your expertise or products. Rivers is the place to begin with. The more people join, more needs will be fulfilled.

To learn more, join our live training.

We earn at a minimal charge for the professional services we are providing to sellers to improve their sales. We prefer sellers contacting us for detail which includes  opportunities and benefits that come with being our business partners.  

Our Business Contacts

We Are Searching For These Items ...

Watch This Space.

We will publish items which we do not currently have, for a fixed duration, and encourage sellers of these items to join Rivers. Click the pencil icon button below to ask for help.


Thank you so much for visiting Rivers.

Would you want to

  • serve/ help others with your talents and at the same time, earn an income ?
  • broaden your customer base ?
  • enjoy benefits as  Rivers’ business partner in ?
  • free learning & training opportunities from community and vice versa.

We are not perfect, but we hope for constructive feedback that can help us to improve Rivers. Therefore, beneficial changes can be cascaded down to our buyers & sellers.

Let’s build a safe & sustainable relationship that promotes win-win results through co-creation. We believe hard work will help us weather through this difficult time and beyond, successfully. 

Rivers helps others ...

  1. Cash On Delivery.
  2. Kindly confirm charges before purchase.
  3. Please deal directly with uncle Robert @ +60 13-489 4808
  4. RiVERS is not affiliated to Adventist Bakery.
  5. RiVERS is helping uncle Robert, a physically disabled person by listing his service here.
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