13th Feb 2021, marked a sad day because i had lost a dear friend to Covid 19.

The doctors were tirelessly working hard to revive him. Since 10th Feb 2021, those grey double ticks stopped changing to blue. No more thumbs up emojis from him. He was part of the earlier group who read my earlier writings, before even YFBRC existed. The one who encouraged me to put up advertisements for earnings on my website. The last time he spoke to me was after a church service. i still remember his friendly courtesy greeting,

” Hi Charles, still writing your blog posts ?”


Since the pandemic started, i have been doing my part, cautioning people the danger of this virulent virus, through my articles. Not to instil fear but to encourage people to be wise, courageous, intentional in our fight against the Corona virus. Do not ignore common sense. Think for yourself if you really treasure life. Do not wait for people to tell you how to stay safe. Proactively, find ways to keep yourself, and for your beloved family safe. Do it intentionally. Be persistent, even though if people cannot see it, perhaps, one day, they will.


No, his passing will not be just another number in the casualty column registered in the national statistic of Covid 19 cases. i am reminded by his encouragement to continue my writing to encourage people who face life challenges, caution people to face Covid 19, vigilantly, and offer my service to help where needs arise.

No, i will not let his passing go without relating it to the fragility of life. The degree of impact starts most intense from those closest to him, and readers who can resonate with this article. i would like this article, which took me 2 days to write, to ripple around this community and beyond.

Something needs to be changed, just as some seasonal bad patches changed me to what i am today. From a state of slumber, to a state of awakening, a state of being unintentional to a state of intentional living, human perspective to Godly perspective. It is only the beginning, much to learn as i jOURney further with God.


Not surprisingly, there are passive people living in the deep trench of couldn’t-care-less or lackadaisical attitude, unmoved and unresponsive even in the thick of life lessons. Are they innocently challenging God ? i am just trying to understand their outlook of life. There are people also, like me who were once aware of and experienced the prompting to change, but took no action. It was only a matter of time, things would catch up. A set of consequences followed every path/ decision i took. i was once part of the later group. It never rained, it poured, if you know what i mean. i do not wish anyone to walk through these valleys, none of us will know whether we will survive, or not survive. It is always easy said than done.


No, his passing is neither a defeat from the battle against Covid 19, nor was the death of Christ on the cross a resounding win for the satan, nor was the unfair earlier life of Joseph, son of Jacob, because Joseph was a dreamer. Therefore, i refuse to consider his passing as a tragedy unless i allow it. There is a purpose buried in all these – Romans 8:28. Perhaps, it is in this article.

The G5020 phenomenon WILL prevail for my friend,

You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.

Genesis 50:20 NLT

(G5020 phenomenon is a specific incident that depicts a certain characteristics. God is the originator. i am just someone who gives this phenomenon a name in my earlier articles and YFBRC activities)

As a faithful Christian, i believe he would like his family, friends and readers of this article to, have a relationship with the Word, and continue to sing, “There is power in the name of Jesus. Break every chain.” Yes, including breaking the chain of Covid 19, and the chain of people’s lackadaisical attitude towards life lessons.

A few articles earlier, i wrote, live as though you are living your last day on Earth. When you do that, naturally, a different set of perspective and approach, to what your 5 senses tell you, will develop. Your response to life will also change. You cannot be different if you remain entrenched in your old ways.

Knowing the fragility of life, what are you going to do in the coming days and weeks ahead?


Dearest friends,

How are you ?

For those who are alive during this pandemic, while resources are depleting, survival syndrome is looming, resilience is being tested, over and over again, please find yourself a community/ the body of Christ that encourages you. Talking to someone helps, especially, professionals, like life coach. They will coach you on having a stable mental health, and coping with bereavements, or depression. Do not bottle up your feelings.  Express it. Coaches coach you to move forward, and hold the space for you. Please do not hesitate to seek help.

i cannot say i am unaffected financially, mentally & physically. i am thankful i am stronger than i was 5 years ago. Shorter rebound time, rise daily & consistently like the Sun. What makes me different now? (The only person you can make comparison is, the present-you and the past-you). i have my God-assigned work, my God-built foundation in the Word, my God-given passion and my God-entrusted community to feed. i cannot do without any of them. We are integrally connected with symbiotic relationships.

This article is written

In loving memory of my dear friend 


Good night, my friend. i will see you later.

To his family,

Be strong and courageous!

Do not be afraid or discouraged.

Emmanuel & Shalom.


Besides, being an author of an e-book and a prolific writer, Charles is a trained life coach. He coaches people from all walks of life, of any age group, ethnic, race or religion. He is also a Bible reading coach. He is not ashamed of telling you that He is a coach, in this article. He feels that he has a moral obligation to tell the world how he can help you with the value God has bestowed on him.

Feel free to contact him at admin@charleskwtan.com

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