No artificial intelligence is able to read MY MIND, with such accuracy. The only certainty & explanation is, GOD IS HERE. Signs & wonders that i, alone, know. Instinctively, i know i have to post this article which i had been writing since almost 2 weeks ago. (“An angel” unsuspectingly, reminded me to post)

?Charles here again @your friendly Bible reading coach.


i have seen & written this before, but clearer, sharper as resolution increases  with more detail to describe; now, an article instead of a sentence.

In this fallen world, tendency for situations to go awfully & terribly wrong, chaotic, confused & sometimes, tragically heart-wrenching are real, but not inevitable. Taking place against these backdrop, lay hidden hands, working round the clock to force & push through agendas from the dark side; to steal, kill & destroy. Abortion, homosexuality, divorce, blurring the line between good & bad which act as generation thief, destroyer of God’s purpose, home wrecker and manipulator respectively. The victims, be it, countries, family units or individuals, are frequently, succumbed to the subtle propaganda from media. Unconsciously, flesh-and-blood are being dragged into this web of deception & recruited by the dark side, to do their dirty works. Do not be quick to blame it all on others, you too, can become unsuspecting agent of the enemy to your own spirit & others. Beware, Ephesians 6:12 is real!! What you cannot see does not mean it is not there. Wars are constantly being waged between the Heavenly Host & evil rulers of the unseen world in the heavenlies.

? For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the UNSEEN WORLD, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.


The whispers of the dark world are real, capable of influencing a total communication shut down between you & God, infiltrating through distractions, weaknesses of your will & lurking behind dysfunctional emotions. Blackout enables the devil to carry out his clandestine & destructive goal to cause spiritual death. The age-old you-will-not-surely-die lie tactics, remains a force to be reckoned with. You see, he is after your spirit, not your physical shell which returns to earth. Your spirit is like trophy where hunters hang & display the head of their game on the wall. Exposing the lies empowers you to take proactive & God-righteous response.


Change the way you think & take Godly inspired action now. Is your life deeply rooted in the Word? Are you able to see a verse describing every situation? If you can, you have found your solution to the issues of life. Hidden in scriptures are THE WAY, THE TRUTH & THE LIFE. Hidden because He is looking for people whose hearts are truly seeking Him. What does it mean to seek Him? How to seek Him?

Within hours after writing this, God confirmed and startled me with this surprising picture. The countless jolts i received from confirmations & jaw dropping revelations keep me speechless, gasping in excitement & marveling at His awesome presence.

So much i want to tell you what i have discovered(as if God is reintroducing Him to me). But God, again, is saying,

“No. Tell sparingly to inspire them to seek me,

I want them to seek My Kingdom personally.

I want them to know me personally,

just as i have mentioned through My prophet Hosea.”

We WILL coach you how you can know & understand God like you have never experienced before. We need to lean on the Spirit of Truth to understand Him & His Kingdom. An intimate relationship with the Word equals an open door & a welcoming hug by the Bridegroom to the Marriage Feast.

What does it mean to seek Him? How to seek Him?

Every article is an invitation and a call for action, message us so that we can help you to think the way He wants you to.


Dear Father,

THANK YOU for fighting the war we do not need to fight.

Grant us wisdom & protect us from evil.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.