1. Basic/ PREMIUM web app will only be provided after 1 week of daily reading(@a rate of 1 chapter a day); to ensure web app is created for serious participants’ use only. Likewise, at the discretion of the coach, the rest of FREE plan features may be removed from FREE plan if participants are not practicing responsible reading. Responsible reading is evident when reader exercise accountability by submitting the entry regularly.
  2. CLARITY and PREMIUM are only open to participants who want to upgrade from FREE and CURIOSITY after reading for 3 months following the process recommended by YFBRC.
  3. FREE plan will start on 1st or 16th of each month. However, CURIOSITY, CLARITY AND PREMIUM plans will all start on the succeeding 1st of the month.
  4. + sign on 1st feature of 3 plans, except FREE, denotes entitlements of preceding plans.
  5. Blessed draw to win a stay at Penang Friendly Host’s studio suite for 2, and experience the hospitality of friendly host Penang. Blessed draw is open to all participants of all paid and free plans. Eligible participants must complete reading the Bible using the web app for accountability as evidence. Not exchangeable for cash and date of stay is available only within the duration mentioned by host.
  6. Tutorials will be provided to GROUP for CURIOSITY, CLARITY AND PREMIUM PLANS.
  7. TRANSFORMATION training, and 1 basic website will be provided on the 3rd month after sign up, or earlier according to CLARITY and PREMIUM plans, respectively.
  8. For PREMIUM PLAN, 1 basic website uses free WordPress website. friendly engineer will create a simple website for free, based on the passion of participants. Participants are encouraged to use this website to invite others to read the Word.
  9. Upon unsubscription, all services mentioned in all plans will be stopped, including disabling of the web app.
  10. Any misconduct or abuse of service or product of YFBRC will automatically disqualified participants from joining any plan.
  11. All subscription fees paid are NON REFUNDABLE.
  12. YFBRC reserves the right to make any improvements. Only major changes will be notified through nitification.