friendly author will inspire you to be transformed. Published since May 2018. Click on the friendly author logo.
friendly builder will help you build your own community, based on your passion, systematise your business to improve profit and minimise conflict. Premium version of S.O.A.P. web app. Other digital products will be launched in 2019.
friendly coach will give you clarity and draw out the best version of you. Life coaching will be launched in 2019. friendly coach is part of charleskwtan enterprise business entity.
friendly host will serve you as a host to a guest house, strategically, located in a bustling town of Pulau Tikus in Georgetown, Penang. Reservation starts from 1st Dec 2018. Guest can choose to book through friendly host directly(to get better rate), or my hosting partner. Call to make enquiry. Click on the friendly host logo.
friendly seller will be updating regularly to provide you with more products that meet the needs of your family, friends, and yourself. We are receiving orders from 1st Dec 2018. Click on the friendly seller logo.

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