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Overwhelmed with tears, as i prepare this short article. No, not ashamed of my vulnerability. ? i pray that you will appreciate my authenticity and respond in a manner that pleases God.

?Between the roaring waves of the Red Sea, and countless rumbling Egyptian’s chariots, God made a way when there seemed to be no other way.

Tolerance for pandemic severity has been shifted negatively. No lockdown when indicators now are showing worse than earlier lockdown. What is the church doing ? Are you going  to be dictated by the world pattern ?


Though a  sense of helplessness is looming, with spikes, uncertainty of the effectiveness of vaccines on trial, inability of every man in the street to put food on the table is getting difficult by the day, i have good news for you that you can do,  biblically.

▪️WATCH : … The Way Maker

He did it, and He will do it again.


  1. Don’t worry about anything

  2. Pray about everything

  3. Tell God what you need

  4. Thank Him for all He has done

then peace will come to guide your heart, so that you will not be ruled by  your emotion, and mind, so that you will not be ruled by your own intelligence. Phil 4:6-7. When this peace that is out of this world comes to you, you commit yourselves to work on these 4 things, you will see your thoughts established.

Commit your works to the Lord,
And your thoughts will be established.


Hang in there, my friend. Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For He is with you wherever you go – Joshua 1:9. You are amazing, because you have an awesome Creator.



Christians can say Word of God as above-mentioned. But if you do not partake it daily how will it strengthen you ? You cannot reap victory without sowing the Seed. You cannot reap something out from sowing nothing.



In this extraordinary time, partner with YFBRC. Help someone to read the Word. Help them to know that there is a God who cares. Help them to know that you, a member of the body of Christ, love and care for them. Let them know you are reading with them.

Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.
John 13:35 NLT

If you are a Christian, i believe you care deeply for people’s salvation as you are gravely concern of their afterlife. If you have never discipled anyone as Christ has instructed, rise up. Take advantage of YFBRC to disciple others. When you complete the journey with Him, you are inspiring and helping others to follow. So, please do not think this is all about you. It is about doing the will of God.

Invite others to sign up…

Next JOURNEY :1ST NOV 2020

Stay safe, stay strong &… stay connected.

Your Friendly Bible Reading Coach.



  1. Calling out to YFBRC 2.0 readers, who read with us, i encourage you to Zoom with YFBRC 3.0 community this Sunday 8 pm (GMT+8). It  will be our 1st live Zoom session. Message me for detail.


Stay tuned for an important article WHY AM i WRITING AGAIN ?

…after some time of inactivity.

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