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It happened two years ago in India before the pandemic. In the village of Jaipur, there was a mansion. No one can miss it. In this building, lived a wealthy but unscrupulous businessman & his wife, with their selfish young daughter.

Pandemic whizzed by & took away everything, their mansion, even their health. During this season, they neither stopped cheating people nor treating their servants with harshness. One day, her spoilt and drunk daughter drove her sports car and crashed into a ravine. Dying with shallow breathing upon arrival at the nearest hospital. While being wheeled into the OT, a bright & blinding shining light spoke to her,

“My child, you will be exchanging your seat with an old man in a train.”

Gradually, she slipped into unconsciousness. As she woke up days later, she saw herself lying in a room with a wall-mounted picture of a train @ Delhi Main station, staring at her frail, bruised and fragile body. Despite her two broken legs, her parents and herself were grateful. She could have lost her life in the accident. To this day, she has no idea who pulled her out from the car wreckage. It was the kindness of God that pulled her out from her wretched life. She remembered she was holding on to the necklace cross she was wearing when the accident happened. Not that she believed in God, it was just a fashion thing that she wore, given by a Christian friend. Then she recalled the bright light.

“What an odd dream, ” she reckoned but soon forgot about it.

Six months later, there was a call from India best hospital in Delhi. Her hope rose as she may be walking again. She could not afford to buy a ticket for the flight, but a 5-hour budget train ride to Delhi.

“The cross, the bright light, the train, the old man, picture of train @Delhi Main Station. Wow?!” She marvelled at the series of confirmations.

“Your kindness leads me to repentance.” She paused and looked up.

“Hey, that reminds me of the song You Are Good by Kari Jobe. You have done it again, God!”

Smiling away, she continued to hobble, with her crutches, down the aisle, to the seat He had prepared for her.

Moral of the story, she paused as if God was watching her. Many are ignorant to pause and take a step back, but quick to skip back to their old ways when kindness knocks at their heart door. They take kindness for granted. Kindness experienced is your turning point, a wake-up call, urging you to hit that brake pedal and search your heart. It is time to repent.


Don’t you see

how wonderfully kind,

tolerant, and patient God is with you?

Does this mean nothing to you?

Can’t you see that his kindness

is intended to turn you from your sin?
Romans 2:4 NLT

YOU ARE GOOD – KARI JOBE (click here)

This is a fictitious script capturing the moment of revelation when digging into the Word from Paul’s epistle to the Romans. It illustrates what we, a group of passionate Word lovers who meet regularly, have learnt from the Holy Spirit, our Teacher, when it comes to Romans 2:4. My wife, being a church song leader, she is reminded of the song from Kari Jobe, You Are Good. That makes it so meaningful and exciting! Coupled with a video of an animation posted in my cell group about a girl, despite her handicapped legs, showing kindness to an old man while travelling 5 hours by train, standing.  i knitted them together and created a script out of this encounter with God. i hope you like it. May it inspire you to learn from the Word, as it has done profoundly so, to my spirit.

Read with us, we will invite you to join us to dig deep into the Word together.