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A message to my latest online class attendees. Because of the things that He has shown me, i am sending it out for the benefits of the greater good of YFBRC community, and the world. i always pray that my writing will open up opportunity for Helper to work within you, my beloved readers.

( Classmates, thank you for attending your 1st T CLASS last week. Really appreciate your enthusiasm! i look forward to learning from you in the coming weeks and months to come).


Strange as it may sound, that i am learning from you, just as much as you are learning from me. Stranger things you will learn from me, as i am constantly, learning from Him, and trained by Him, spiritually. Stranger things because people do not understand …yet. But once the Word is understood and applied corporately as a body of Christ, the Word becomes a lifestyle for individuals and subsequently, a culture of the Way, the Truth & the Life for the corporate body of Christ.


Spiritual training is not my creation, it is written in the Bible. Your daily journal and weekly attendance, are only what i call a single dimensional spiritual training required for your salvation – Philippians 2:12. Salvation is not just saying you believe, and do nothing – James 1:22. i am only a channel, highlighting what He wants from you. How disciplined and committed you are, depend on where do you place God in your list of priority. Spiritual training will cause you to see more of Jesus when you look yourself in the mirror. Who do you see yourself in the mirror ?


The inconvenient, revealing and undeniable truth about your lifestyle is a reflection/ manifestation of your heart’s desire.

  • You can know how healthy you are, is by learning about the food you eat.

  • You can know how important are the things of God to you, is by understanding how and where you spend/invest your time and money on.

  • You can know how you want your life to be like, is by knowing the company of friends you are drawn to.

  • You can know how kind a person you are to people, is by looking at how you treat your own husband, wife, children, siblings and parents, and later, friends and strangers.


Because of your trust, and subsequently, your active participation in the work of God in YFRBC outreach, and because of the frequent &  tangible presence of God experienced by me, i want to guide you to tune in to God’s divine presence. People whom i have had private communication with, are my witnesses. However, i would caution my classmates that you should neither be spiritualistic over everything, nor heavenly minded with no earthly use; be practical by using Godly common sense and wisdom.

Then you will show discernment,
    and your lips will express what you’ve learned.

Proverbs 5:2 NLT 

In NIV, your mouth may preserve knowledge, meaning actively, you will go all out and proclaim what God wants you to do, to keep/ preserve this divine knowledge of the culture of God, going and intact, not changing the originality of the meaning. A replica of what the Great Commission’s mandate is all about, the very thing that YFBRC is gearing towards.


If you have done enough of SOAP daily, you would have sharpened or honed your observation skill. (Keep it sweet and short, it is a long haul). You would be able to see things differently. You would be able to observe and appreciate things that your contemporaries miss in life. Your developed ability of being willingly, curiously observant, and teachable spirit, will give you an edge to see Him more frequently than you could imagine. He is watching you and rewarding you for your faithfulness with a different kind of superpower – Acts 1:8.

For the Lord sees clearly what a man does,
examining every path he takes.

Proverbs 5:21 NLT

“The master was full of praise. ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!’


That is what the Scriptures mean when they say,

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard,
and no mind has imagined
what God has prepared
for those who love him.”


March on, not just for the month of March, : – )  Christians soldiers, do not be discouraged by what people or even yourself may tell you, e.g., do not waste time on little and seemingly what-good-will-doing-S.O.A.P.-brings thinking when everything is attainable through instant gratification these days. Why would you use the narrow gate when there is a broad gate ? Matthew 7:23.

A déjà vu moment of Job’s predicament lingers. Is God stripping people of earthly things from this pandemic so that more may have a grip of the reality of John 15:5 ?


Whether you join or not join YFBRC activities, may or may not be important. God is interested to know how nourished or malnourished your spirit is. The more i read the Word, the more i realise i do not know Him enough. That not knowing enough motivates me to know Him more. How sure am i that i am saved? Do you think that verbal acceptance of Christ, while not having a deeper, experiential & intentional relationship with Him, will get you to eternity ? The answer is not just found in a parable, but all over the Gospel according to Matthew.  If you notice, i have just added a new adjective to the relationship with Him. Only when you have that type of relationship with Him, you will be able to differentiate, and unlearn many subtle but unintentional origins of misconceptions about the Word.

i look forward to helping anyone who is humble enough to go back to the basic of Christianity, the place where i started to know Him deeply only less than a decade ago, after more than 40 years of being a Christian. No, not ashamed to tell you this just to help you to know Him better.


If you have accepted Christ many many years ago, but still have not completed reading the Bible, not knowing what God’s plan and purpose for you, not experiencing God as a real Person who leaves His footprints, impressions and traces of His presence in your life and others, YFBRC is the place created to take away these real struggles. Only those who take time to pause, appreciate and reflect will be able to see these magnificent work of God.  YFBRC is like a train station, an airport or a jetty, created for you to embark on an exciting journey of discovery and transformation. The reading plan handed over to you at the check in counter is your itinerary. Your travelling Partner is God. He is not merely an imaginary Super Being from a distance dimension who lives only in your mind. He has emotions & will. You are not a tourist , but a sojourner. With you, there is a Manual. The Manual describes the 5 W and 1 H of everything in navigating this jOURney. The Manual shows you your Destination, but more importantly the jOURney, your relationship with your travelling Partner.  Your travelling log is your S.O.A.P. journal entries. The web app is the upgradable visual dashboard for maneuvering. Besides, there are onboard activities to keep you aligned, maintain journey parameters as you travel. By the way, i am your assigned thinking partner. i do not appear any where else in the picture. You only see yourself and God. Occasionally, you will convene with other sojourners who signed up for this jOURney like you, as part of the design of God’s plans & purposes to energise & synergise, found in activities like T CLASSes & Mastermind. Scouting for successors. Perhaps soon, some of you will follow. Inspiring you to build communities centered around God’s Word, and moving God’s Work beyond geographical boundaries and …

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

Clarity of my vision does not improve overnight, but it stretches more than 4 years of building. 1st time, i am putting all these pieces of puzzles together through mental visualisation of my vision for Your Friendly Bible Reading Coach.

Godspeed, Sojourners !


If you decide to be a different & transformed person this year, press this button. You never know if Jesus is coming back the next few seconds. Some people say it is soon(sometimes, i say that). For me, IT IS NOT IMPORTANT. The scary question for me is,

“Am i prepared, ready ?”

The only way to be sure is, to have as close a relationship with the Word as possible, the One who decides my whereabouts in eternity.

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